Guide on Pairing Dinner Wines

In some cultures, wine is a staple at the dinner table. History also indicates that over the years, winemaking and culinary skills have evolved together. For that reason, each culinary serving is at least paired with a particular wine, both in traditional and today’s modern dinner setups. It is, however, more of art, for a person to get the perfect pair for dinner. However, there are few considerations to guide on making a perfect table match:

Guide on Pairing Dinner Wines

Light wines should be paired with light foods; the same 
should happen with heavier foods being served with heavier wines. Delicate 
meals should be served with lighter wines. Such a pairing is considered as the 
first rule when it comes to pairing wine at the dinner table. For example, 
Chardonnay white wine should be accompanied by medium meals like chicken, fish, 
and eggs. The wine is a concentrate off grapes, apples, pineapple, vanilla and 
other fruits which make it a perfect combination. Pinot Gris can be accompanied 
by lighter meals. It soft sweetness makes it a perfect and non-interruptive to 
lighter foods.

Second, do not be bothered to match food color and wine color. It is not necessary; the most important thing is to ensure the taste and the ingredients match the kind of food served. Wines that have a higher alcohol percentage, often above 13.5 percent should be served together with heavy meals, with others reserved for lighter meals. Mostly, not all meals need a perfect pairing regarding color, even though that can enhance the artistic look.

In some regions, it is a culture to serve wine together 
with meals, but in some instances, you may have a particular wine coming before 
the food. In that case, plan an appropriate meal for the special wine. Unique 
wines come in the form of gifts, or on special occasions. In such situations, 
those who serve do not have much say in the kind of wine; they only remain with 
the type of meal that they have to put around the bottle. They should just try 
to get it right.

The above should just make it easy to pair wine with a 
dinner, but as I said earlier this thing is a pure work of art which some may 
like and others may not. But before deciding, ensure you have the taste of all 
the wines being paired with foods. That should guide on the best combination 
while serving. For more pairing rules, check out this article.