Best Apple Wines

We know that grapes are the kings when it comes to making wines. From France to South Africa to Argentina, grapes are the real deal. It is hard not to see why as they have such a succulence feel about them. However, just because grapes are the choice most would go for does not mean other fruits don’t really qualify. In fact, in places like Frankfurt, Germany, apple wine is a massive hit.

Looking around to get wasted on apples? Below are great apple wine varieties to sample:

Jonathon Apple wine

As the name suggests, this type of wine is made from the Jonathon apple, which is a very resilient hybrid that combines taste and smell to provide for a sumptuous experience. Normally, the production process will involve the use of various spices to ripen the taste. There are also apple wines there that are all-natural.

Fuji apple wines

Developed in Japan in the 30’s, the Fuji apple garnered mainstream attention in the 60s and remains very much part of the landscape at the moment. The sweet wines made from these fruits have an intense feel and crispy taste. The true potency of wine is determined by its long shelf life, and wine from the Fuji apple is known to stay fresh for months without refrigeration. If kept in the right temperature conditions, this wine is capable of staying fresh and getting better for years. If you are wondering where this wine (and apple) obtained its name, then don’t anymore; it was named after the place the wine the crop was sourced, Fujisaki. Over the past few decades, Fuji wines have become part of the oenophile lifestyle. The recipes are wild and broad, but the resultant product has a distinct feel and taste of the Fuji.

Gala apple wines

Gala apple wines are not that well-known outside USA and New Zealand, but they are very much a part of the wine drinking tradition. The apple variety was introduced in the US in the 60s, and over the following decades, growers and players in the food industry worked toward a way of using it in wines. Modern-day Gala apples are much evolved and boast a variety of ingredients. The wine is dubbed as some of the healthiest around, with very little calorie composition. If you down a glass of this brew, you are assured of energy throughout the day, healthy teeth and even a reduced risk from radicals responsible for causing various types of cancer.