5 Reasons to Drink Organic Wine

The 2019 Australian Organic Report showed that organic wine is on the rise among enthusiasts. Traditionally this wouldn’t have been the case despite knowing about the existence of such wines.

Organic wines are those made from grapes grown without pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are the mainstay of modern farmers as a quick way to deal with pests and weeds, but it comes with dire consequences. There have been reports of ailments associated with wine which is the main drive for organic wine farmers. Instead of ditching wine altogether, lovers of the brew have come up with ways to work with nature in the fight against harmful elements within their vineyards.

Biological pest control is commonplace on organic farms where sheep are introduced to eat grass and other weeds. In some vineyards, you will find cover crops that support insect varieties that feed on harmful species.

Benefits of drinking organic wine

  • Unlike conventional wines, the certified organic wine lacks genetically modified organisms. GMOs, as they are also called, haven’t been thoroughly studied to assure consumers of their safety.
  • Organic wines help preserve nature in that some farms protect native animal species rather than destroy native habitats. Other organic wine farmers seek to restore native habitats by planting grasses, wildflowers and native shrubs. 
  • By drinking organic wine, there is less likelihood of breathing problems caused by sulfites. While the lack of sulfites is a huge health benefit, you should bear in mind that such wines are less stable than conventional wines. Therefore, organic sulfite-free wines must be consumed within two years. When drinking organic wines, the “older the better” certainly doesn’t apply.
  • Drinking organic wines mean that the reservertol – beneficial ingredient in red wine – isn’t affected. That way you will be able to fight cancer, heart disease, and age even more gracefully. 
  • Organic wine doesn’t put you at risk of arsenic poisoning like varieties farmed with the aid of chemicals.

There are many organic wine brands around the globe, but the label doesn’t necessarily make it true. Certified organic wine doesn’t use grapes grown using pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals soon pile up in one’s body, causing grievous health issues in the long rune. Drinking organic wine is the surefire way of ensuring an uplifted spirit without damaging one’s health. It is a great way to enjoy the fruits of nature without chocking the earth full of harmful chemicals. If you are a wine lover, by all means, choose organic not only for the filling of your soul but the preservation of Mother Nature.