The particularities of Chinese cooking

China has been known through the ages for its culinary art. Their dishes are so particular, so delicious, real pieces of art that stun people. Many of them ask about the origins and the brilliant inspirations of this elaborated and convoluted gastronomy. We propose here an immersion in the Chinese culinary universe to make you understand the particularities that characterize this model of cooking.

A cooking  thought in details

The Chinese nation is well known for its sense of duty well done. They are used to applying themselves in everything they do. In this sense, the kitchen is not leftovers. Every detail is thought according to a clear principle. Indeed, in the Chinese culinary art, the meal is conceived according to philosophical, social, medicinal considerations, to name but a few.

For the Chinese, food is a whole that rises to the height of the artistic. Therefore, it must be the result of a process that involves the quest for harmony and balance. In other words, the components of a meal must be chosen with respect of harmony and balance. Tastes must be harmonized and the perfect balance between natures, colors and consistencies must be found.

Key factors in Chinese cooking

To create a dish in the Chinese culinary art, several factors come into play. Indeed, as mentioned above, Chinese cooking takes into account the smallest details. Thus, to conceive a dish, the Chinese takes into consideration the natures, the flavors, the directions and the movements.

The concerned  natures are the hot, the cold, the warm and the fresh. These elements, in addition to other factors, allow us to design dishes in accordance with the principle of harmony and balance. Therefore, when you eat a dish, you will feel yourself waltzing in a parallel dimension made of exquisite tastes and pleasant scents. Every parameter is designed to create a wave of emotion.