The particularities of Chinese cooking

China has been known through the ages for its culinary art. Their dishes are so particular, so delicious, real pieces of art that stun people. Many of them ask about the origins and the brilliant inspirations of this elaborated and convoluted gastronomy. We propose here an immersion in the Chinese culinary universe to make you understand the particularities that characterize this model of cooking.

A cooking  thought in details

The Chinese nation is well known for its sense of duty well done. They are used to applying themselves in everything they do. In this sense, the kitchen is not leftovers. Every detail is thought according to a clear principle. Indeed, in the Chinese culinary art, the meal is conceived according to philosophical, social, medicinal considerations, to name but a few.

For the Chinese, food is a whole that rises to the height of the artistic. Therefore, it must be the result of a process that involves the quest for harmony and balance. In other words, the components of a meal must be chosen with respect of harmony and balance. Tastes must be harmonized and the perfect balance between natures, colors and consistencies must be found.

Key factors in Chinese cooking

To create a dish in the Chinese culinary art, several factors come into play. Indeed, as mentioned above, Chinese cooking takes into account the smallest details. Thus, to conceive a dish, the Chinese takes into consideration the natures, the flavors, the directions and the movements.

The concerned  natures are the hot, the cold, the warm and the fresh. These elements, in addition to other factors, allow us to design dishes in accordance with the principle of harmony and balance. Therefore, when you eat a dish, you will feel yourself waltzing in a parallel dimension made of exquisite tastes and pleasant scents. Every parameter is designed to create a wave of emotion.


The most popular African dishes among tourists

Africa has a rich culture on several levels : artifacts, patrimony, cultural objects, culinary field. Since the quality of African dishes is no longer to be proven. Moreover, there are a lot of dishes that greatly delight the interest of tourists in Africa. We present here the dishes that constitute the cream of this much appreciated cooking. The Ethiopian stew, doro wat The doro wat is a very popular dish in the northern part of Ethiopia. This culinary treat is a stew made from chicken. This is combined with a spicy sauce that is eaten with eggs and vegetables. All this wonder is often accompanied by a patty prepared with teff flour.  In the country, this cake is known as injeera. An African rice dish, thiéboudienne Rice in most cultures is often considered a culinary work of Asian origin. But beyond this consideration, it should be noted that this dish has been personalized and has received over time African traits. This reality is proven in the dish of thiéboudienne. This delicacy... Read

4 tips to maintain hygiene in the kitchen

End kitchen, it is very important to maintain a good hygiene. This provision is a prerequisite that predispose to the maintenance of good health. Then, to keep one's kitchen in good conditions of hygiene, there are some interesting solutions that you can employ. Always wash your hands in the kitchen The first of the prescriptions that must be adopted in the kitchen is the washing of the hand with water and soap. Indeed, pathogens are legion and spread very quickly.  For this reason, it is important to keep your hands clean to prevent them from being vectors of bacteria through the kitchen. To avoid cases of food poisoning, you must take care to wash your hands regularly to eliminate a large part of the microbes that land on your hands. Leather  and safe food properly Leather properly is one best way to maintain better hygiene conditions in the kitchen. Indeed, when you cook, it is essential that the food is cooked as indicated; this allows you to avoid contracting gastric infections a... Read

What ladies don't like to have in their kitchen

The kitchen for a woman is a very important space, where she deploys all her know-how in terms of cooking. This place in most cases shows all about the lady of the house and her true personality. In order to keep her kitchen well-ordered, there are certain things she hates to see. Let's discover all these things, ladies prefer not having in their kitchen. Cockroaches and bold rodents In a kitchen, insects and rodents are not welcome. Ladies hate them and are very afraid to find them when they are in their kitchen. These undesirables are disgusting elements that must be kept away from the kitchen at all costs. Like insects and rodents, spider webs are not accepted by ladies in the kitchen. Dirt in the kitchen Apart from the small undesirable ones, there is the dirt that repels women, when they are in the kitchen. When they are in a room where they have to cook, they often take care to sanitize the space. Because for her, hygiene in a kitchen is a prerequisite that a good woman, and mor... Read

How to store your recipes?

There are several recipes, and many more are discovered every day. For saving  them, you need to store them properly. We propose to help you, with  a selection of solutions to make better use of your recipes. Make a corner of the kitchen useful In kitchens, you may have a corner that is empty and where you find useless to put something. Why not make this corner useful and change its status ? For that result, you can arrange this part of your room and prepare it to receive the many books and notebooks that serve as a directory of your cooking recipes. This part of the kitchen will therefore be dedicated to all the useful processes, in order to have a culinary guide. Choosing the hanging shelf As part of the storage of your recipes, it is possible that you use a shelf. This last one in order to be more practical will be hung on the wall. So you have in front of you a pile of documents that you will take pleasure in consulting to cook a meal. The option of the library island To easily or... Read