The most popular African dishes among tourists

Africa has a rich culture on several levels : artifacts, patrimony, cultural objects, culinary field. Since the quality of African dishes is no longer to be proven. Moreover, there are a lot of dishes that greatly delight the interest of tourists in Africa. We present here the dishes that constitute the cream of this much appreciated cooking.

The Ethiopian stew, doro wat

The doro wat is a very popular dish in the northern part of Ethiopia. This culinary treat is a stew made from chicken. This is combined with a spicy sauce that is eaten with eggs and vegetables. All this wonder is often accompanied by a patty prepared with teff flour.  In the country, this cake is known as injeera.

An African rice dish, thiéboudienne

Rice in most cultures is often considered a culinary work of Asian origin. But beyond this consideration, it should be noted that this dish has been personalized and has received over time African traits. This reality is proven in the dish of thiéboudienne. This delicacy is known as "riz au gras", in west countries of Africa. It consists of rice, fish and vegetables: a combination that makes it a truly nutrient-dense mixture.

Couscous, a very popular dish in North Africa

In the Maghreb and all the countries of North Africa, couscous holds a place of choice. It is widely consumed and its preparation often differ from  a country to another of Africa.

 Soya, a seasoned meat dish

If we look at the culinary preferences in some parts of Africa, we can see that the trend towards vegetarianism is not current. The soya dish is a proof of this reality, as it is essentially made of meat that is seasoned to create a dish with provocative scents. This dish is widely consumed in regions such as Nigeria, Cameroon and even Ghana.