Difference Between Chardonnay and Chablis


Perhaps you have overheard people saying that don’t like the 
taste of Chardonnay as much as they do like Chablis. What they don’t 
understand is that Chablis wine comes from Chardonnay grapes. In fact, 
Chardonnay is a grape that is used to make several different types of wines. Well, 
whether you are a fan of drinking wine or not, it is not possible to know 
everything regarding this topic.

What is encouraging is that many people are 
willing to learn about wines, including the difference between Chardonnay and 
Chablis. This, of course, will save them from making embarrassing statements 
because they understand the difference between chardonnay and Chablis. 

If you are like many people, you might be wondering what is 
the difference between Chardonnay and Chablis. To start off, it is important 
you understand exactly what the two terms mean. Chardonnay is the green 
grape that is used to make white wine. This grape variety was first grown in 
the wine region of Burgundy but has spread to other wine producing countries 
such as New Zealand and England. As a result, all Chardonnay wines are not the 
same. They vary in taste depending on the country where it is produced. For 
example, Chardonnay wines that are made from countries with warm climate tend 
to have a tropical fruity flavor.

In addition, Chardonnay wines from warm 
climate benefit more from winemaking practices such as aging and oak 
fermenting.However, Chardonnay wines from colder weather such as Chablis in 
the wine producing region of Burgundy tend to have a citrus and green fruits 

On the other hand, Chablis is a wine district of the region 
Burgundy in France. Chablis is renowned for making dry white wine with pure taste 
and aroma. Chablis wine is commonly 
known for its clarity and greenish yellow color. Chablis winemaker wants to 
maintain high acidity in the wine that combines influences of cool climate and 
the soil. This gives Chablis wine a distinctive taste thanks to the flavor. Therefore, 
the difference between Chardonnay and Chablis is that Chablis refers to a 
Chardonnay wine that is produced in the 
wine district of Chablis in Burgundy, France.

All Chablis wine is made from 100 percent Chardonnay grape. In fact, some wine experts believe that Chablis is among one of the purest expressions of Chardonnay grape because of 
the simple method of winemaking in the region Burgundy. As a result, no wine comes close to Chablis.